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Promotion "Connect a friend!"


Promotion "Connect a friend!"

We are pleased to present you the action "Connect a friend", according to which your personal account in Limanet will be credited 400 UAH. If, according to your recommendation, Limanet is joined by your friend, neighbor, relative or just a person you know.

We are also in a hurry to inform you that the action is not limited in time or by the number of your recommendations. And this means that you can bring your friends every time, getting 400 UAH. on a personal account in the network LIMANET.

To do this, it is enough that when you connect a new subscriber, you and your friend turn to your recommendation and inform the operator about the connection.

The promotion is valid only when a new subscriber is connected.


1. The promotion is valid only when a new subscriber is connected, that is, persons who were not previously users of the LIMANET network.

2. The promotion is valid only if the new subscriber declares participation in the Promotion at the time of registration of the account (connection with the founder LIMANET) and indicates the "friend" to which he advised to connect. If the new subscriber announced his "friend" the next day, or later - the conditions of the Promotion are deemed fulfilled, and the Promotion cannot be carried out.

3. It is forbidden to "share" bonus accrual to the participant of the Promotion. He cannot provide his or her bonus funds, in part or in full, to other persons.

4. Bonus funds cannot be transferred to cash or transferred to other types of currencies to other accounts.

5. The promotion is valid throughout the Limanet network.

6. The action is valid only according to the plan of the tariff subscriber for access to the Internet and does not apply to all other additional services.

7. Only individuals (legal entities and entrepreneurs who are not participants of the actions) can take part in the action.

Your activity = Our thanks!

*The offer is not valid in settlements: Buyalyk, Serbka

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