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SIP telephony

SIP telephony - This is a modern telephony that uses Internet channels to connect subscribers. Data transmission is carried out in digital form, which has many advantages:

sip telephony eng

  • free calls within the network, including group calls;
  • multi-channel;
  • video conferencing with an unlimited number of participants;
  • the room works wherever there is Internet access, there is no territorial linkage;
  • affordable rates for long distance and international calls;
  • It works on different devices: laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, landline telephones and SIP phones;
  • You can set one phone number to multiple devices.
  • combining numbers into a single telephone network;
  • receiving and sending fax and voice messages;
  • forwarding to other phone numbers;
  • call statistics and the ability to manage services.

How to be and receive calls?

  • using a computer or laptop, if you install a special program (SIP client) on it and equip it with an earphone and a microphone;
  • via WI-FI or 3g / 4g using SIP programs for tablets and mobile phones;
  • using a special stationary SIP phone that is included in the router;
  • connect a regular phone to the VoIP gateway, and the gateway itself to the router.

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX - It is designed to work within an organization with the help of which all employees will be connected to a single telephone network, regardless of where they are located tetriorically. It includes all corporate digital telephony services without the need to purchase an expensive telephone exchange. For her work, no additional communication lines are needed, and the quality and security of communication is at the highest level.

All calls to the inside of the telephone network are free, the number of lines (numbers) is unlimited, and when you move the office to another location, the virtual PBX easily moves with you. Virtual PBX has ample opportunities to expand services and almost limitless scales.

The main advantages of virtual PBX

  • Savings on the purchase of an expensive and rapidly aging mini-PBX.
  • Free calls within your own network.
  • A wide range of digital telephony services.
  • Large selection of VoIP equipment and softphones.
  • Installation of new communication lines is not required - for this, an Internet line is enough Safety, good listening protection.
  • Connecting to a single telephone network of employees working at home, on business trips and remote branches - regardless of their location.
  • Unlimited number of internal and external lines, as well as subscribers connected to the telephone network without buying additional equipment.
  • Fast and easy installation of telephones for your enterprise.
  • Significant savings on repairs and maintenance.


  • Interactive voice menu (IVR).
  • Internal numbering (3- or 4-digit).
  • Setting up a call processing queue.
  • Record and listen to incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Call Forwarding.
  • Organization of the group receiving calls.
  • Integration with Bitrix24.
  • Regulation of call processing conditions depending on the current time.
  • Hold.
  • Call pickup, call transfer.
  • The ability to use the function Callback (callback, auto-dial).
  • Group call.
  • Conferencing.
  • Automatic redial.
  • The possibility of organizing a voice mail system.
  • Ability to set restrictions on outgoing calls, for example, the prohibition of international calls.
  • Statistics and detail internal and external calls.
  • Organization of the contact center, the choice of employee status, the distribution of access rights.
  • Receive faxes by e-mail or to an internal number.
  • Sending a fax from a computer.
  • Black list.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Using softphones, analog and SIP-phones.
  • GSM gateway connection.

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